Tips On Keeping Your Car Safe

Whatever car you drive, whether it is a top of the range Mercedes or perhaps a more modest make and model, all owners want to keep their vehicles as safe as possible. Here are some tips on doing just that brought to you by the MOT Chelmsford blog.

1. Lock your car and close all the windows every time you leave it. Although this may sound obvious, statistics show that an alarming number of drivers do not do this. You should always remove the keys from the ignition. Failure to do so could render your insurance invalid.

2. Do not leave anything on show in your car. Even an old jacket or loose change can attract thieves looking for a smash and grab victim. Take valuables with you or lock them out of view in the boot. Satellite navigation equipment has become particularly sought after so always remove along with the cradle. Remember also to wipe suction pad marks from the windscreen.

3. When driving always keep your car doors locked and if you have an expensive car be aware of your surroundings. Drivers need not have any safety issue with locking themselves in, since if airbags are deployed in a collision the car will unlock automatically anyway.

4. Over 40% of car crime in the UK involves vehicles parked on the street outside their owners’ homes, so it is always advisable to use your garage if you have one. Alternatively, try to park in a well lit, open area. Away from home, look for police-approved public car parks displaying the Park Mark sign.

5. Cars are currently stolen in 6% of domestic burglaries. So it is important not to make it easy for the thieves. Always keep your car and house keys separate and never leave your keys by a door or a window. Put keys away in a drawer and hide your spare set. And finally, always keep your doors locked.
We hope you find one or two of these tips useful and thank you for visiting the MOT Chelmsford blog.