Tips On saving On Your Petrol Bill

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Nearly all drivers could make big savings on the cost of fuel by making small changes to their vehicle. In the latest RAC research, they have discovered that someone who averages 35 miles per gallon could increase this to 40 mpg by driving more efficiently. That is a saving of 15%.

Keep You Tyres Inflated
Lower tyre pressure increases the drag on your vehicle meaning you need more fuel to run it so it is important to regularly check your tyre pressures are correct.

Declutter Your Vehicle
The lighter your vehicle is, the less fuel it needs to accelerate. By clearing junk from the boot and generally making your vehicle lighter is going to help you make savings.

Remove The Roof Rack
Even an unused roof rack causes considerable wind resistance to a vehicle, increasing the drag and as a result making the engine work harder. So if you don’t need it – take it off.

Don’t Fill Up
Petrol and diesel are heavy so by filling your tank up you increase the weight of your vehicle.  The less fuel you vehicle has in it, the more efficiently it drives. So why not, just fill the tank half way. This is another way you can save on fuel costs.

Turn Off The Air Con.
Air conditioning uses an awful lot of fuel so unless you really need it why not switch it off. However, if it is very hot you may as well stick with the air conditioning as it will be more cost effective than having all the windows open as this will cause extra drag on the vehicle.

Drive Sensibly
Remember, every time you put your foot on the accelerator, the harder you press, the more fuel you use. So when you want to speed up, do so smoothly and always in the correct gear. i.e the highest gear possible without labouring the engine. A good rule of thumb is to stay below 3000 revs.
When slowing down, do so naturally without excessive use of the brakes. This will take advantage of the vehicles stored momentum and will again add to your efforts to save on fuel.

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